I don’t really care for the typical bullet point lists constantly shoved into my various social media feeds.  Often they are just search engine buzz words or current trends packaged into a post with some kind of hyperbole attached.  For instance there is a lot of speculation about the new Amazon headquarters, already I’ve seen speculation added to some of the marketing for the remaining cities in contention,  “Don’t wait to get into this market, once Amazon comes it’ll be too late!”  Sounds like hype.

No doubt an Amazon moving into to town would be great for just about any community, and the reasons why they are looking at these cities are the same reasons why real estate investors choose markets.  I just don’t like the speculative hype.

Got on a tangent there!  Take a look at this Top Ten list by Scott Trench over at Bigger Pockets.  Good info based on data instead of Google Trends research.

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